Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fifty in Springfield? Aw Damn.

Ok kids, I find it crazy that the day Fifty's album drops, he comes to Springfield, Massachusetts. The last time homeboy hit up da field he caught a case. He claimed he was never coming back after he was hit with bottles. The man jumped into the crowd, his belt hit some chick and she sued. He returns tonight to his impending doom of gang violence. SPRINGFIELD IS SO HOOD! Y'all better act right because I'm coming down tonight to take pictures! We are taking bets on who we think will be in the house tonight. So far I heard Kanye or Justin. The music industry is diving right now and these artists need to work together to promote albums and tours. Oh, and Ludacris who the hell do you think you are backing out the performance you were supposed to do at the Big E? Poor ticket sales? Poor character.

Show is at the Hippodrome on Main Street in Springfield, MA. Starts at 8.
Clean up SPFLD!

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